Design studio



AM INTERIÉR, a.s. offers design works in the following fields:


  • Interiors
  • Furniture (615)
  • Constructional carpentry products (766 -611)

either as company projects or in cooperation (subcontracts) with architects and designers. The level and range are based upon agreement or the price list of design works.


When preparing contracting documentation (both for the customer and for our own production), the projection team is ready to look for structural and material solutions that will be the most suitable for achieving the required result. The operators of the design department are professionally skilled so they can be partners for architects and designers across the spectrum of the materials used for creating interiors (materials based on wood, glass, stone, metals, new substances, functional fitting etc.) in order to propose a structural solution that will best fit the material used. Compliance with all binding (and recommended) standards and ergonomic and anthropometric parameters is a matter of course.

The complete documentation is submitted to the customer for approval and signing after completion so that even the smallest detail will comply with the customer's requirements.

According to the nature and needs of the project, the documentation is prepared using the following computer software:

  • Solid Edge V19 with furniture making superstructure Korpus for Solid Edge
  • AutoCAD 2005 LT
  • Selection Professional (Hettich)
  • Adulo General Solution