Floorboards VP12

Floorboards VP12


Floorboards VP12 – union of tradition and modern technology

The floorboards are suitable for gymnasiums, sports halls, dancing halls, flats, cottages and lounges.

Floorboards VP 12 are certified by the State Testing Office 209. This certifies their suitability for sports halls, housing and public buildings. The Office of Industrial Ownership issued Certificate No. 6252 for the floorboards VP 12 to their originator Ing. Rajmund Coufal, CSc.

Stability of volume and shape is achieved by a three-layer structure glued crosswise, which ensures jointless, esthetical and hygienic surface. As regards the used glue the floorboards VP 12 rank into emission class E1.

By grinding and varnishing the floorboards after their installation a perfectly even surface without the slightest overlaps in their connections and danger of water penetration into the joints is achieved.


Installation of the floorboards

The floorboards VP 12, when used as a resilient floor in gymnasiums, are fixed by shotfired ties, shotfired nails and screws to a single-layer gridwork structure with resilient mounting from microporous rubber.

In sports halls the floorboards are mounted on short resilient lattice girders laid crosswise , which are supported by balancing wedges.

In flats and lounges the floorboards VP 12 can be mounted on polyethylene foam 3 mm thick lying on a perfectly even and dry floor base. In this case the floorboards are glued together by a dispersing adhesive. Another alternative of mounting the floorboards is to glue them fast with elastic adhesive Alkapren – parket 100 to the whole floor area, which has to be perfectly even and especially dry.