CORIAN - structural material on an acrylic basis



  • Boards with a thickness of 6 mm for vertical facing of walls in bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms
  • Boards with a thickness of 13 mm, 19 mm for structures of desks, bank counters, racks, horizontal working desks etc. 
  • Production of sanitary components (sinks, washbasins etc.)
*.pdf washbasins [PDF, 404.2 kB]



*.pdf colour table [PDF, 278 kB]

Certificates, certification: the product has been certified

Made of natural materials with an acrylic-based binder

Technical specifications:

  • Harmless to the health
  • Durable
  • Generally stable for a long period
  • Very good mechanical properties (hard, abrasion resistant, resilient, rigid)
  • It cannot be chipped, it does not shatter and is not brittle
  • Considerably resistant to the effects of chemical agents
  • Jointless processing technology
  • Non-porous, non-soaking
  • Possibility of heat shaping


  • Maintenance is easy
  • Marks are removable easily if it is burned with a match or cigarette

A surface damaged by scratching can be repaired by regrinding and polishing, in the case of more serious damage, it can be retouched, reground and polished.