The AM INTERIÉR company was founded in 1996 by the project, engineering, and supply organization Centroprojekt Zlín a.s. and the company AM Interiér-Antonín Malúš (established in 1991), specialized in the design, production, and delivery of interiors.

Drawing on the extensive experience stemming from the history of AM INTERIÉR-Antonín Malúš, where interior designers from the Centroprojekt Zlín project organization merged with employees from the then-largest atypical production facility (JMDZ in Otrokovice) in the Czech Republic. Both of these organizations originated from the construction department of the Baťa company, thus inheriting a tradition dating back to 1925.

Through the collective efforts of employees with long-standing experience in designing and manufacturing interior furnishings for construction projects in the field of investment construction, a company was formed capable of meeting even the most demanding customer requirements for interior furnishing.

An overview of significant projects (contracts) implemented since 1991 can be found here.

The goal of our company is to provide services from project documentation development through production to on-site installation. We aim to enhance and expedite the entire order preparation process and increase production according to customer requirements. All new technological equipment complies with the ecological and safety standards of EU norms.