We offer project work in the field of:

  • Interiors
  • Furniture (615)
  • Carpentry Products (766-611)

Either as corporate projects or collaboration (subcontracting) for architects and designers. The level and scope are determined by agreement or the project work price list.


When processing supply documentation (for clients and in-house production), the projection team is prepared to seek structural and material solutions that best meet the desired outcome. Projection team members are professionally equipped to be partners for architects and designers across a spectrum of materials used in interior creation (wood, glass, stone, metal, new materials, functional fittings, etc.), proposing structural solutions that best suit the chosen material. Adherence to all mandatory (and recommended) standards, ergonomic, and anthropometric parameters is a matter of course.

After completion, the entire documentation is submitted to the client for approval and signature, ensuring that every detail aligns with the customer's requirements.

Depending on the nature and needs of the project, the documentation is processed using these computer programs:

  • Solid Edge V19 with furniture extension Korpus for Solid Edge
  • AutoCAD 2011 LT